Why we are doing this:

Our First Jar


  Growing up in apple country, we have always enjoyed the apples and products that the industry has offered.  Apple sauce, apple butter, cider, & fresh apples are always an enjoyed treat.  Wendy & I have strong roots in agriculture and have always raised some sort of livestock for the past 45+ years.  We also regularly help other family members with other farm operations. Wendy has always loved teaching and has 29 years with the local school system.  Due to the economy, John left a construction career to work in the hospitality field in 2011.   With permission from the kitchen chef's, he started collecting recipes for items that he knew local folks would love.  In June 2013, we bottled our first product, Apple Cider Mustard & Dipping Sauce at Stello Foods in PA.

     Our Apple Cider Syrup was developed with the help of some great neighbors.  About 23 apples in one jar of delicious syrup.  It is just one of those products that you love the first time you taste it and are always thinking of ways to use it to enhance other foods such as pork, chicken, sweet potatoes, & beef. 

     In 2013, we developed a friendship with a chef with a gluten restricted diet.  For her birthday, we fixed my grandmother's special crazy cake (naturally vegan) using a gluten-free all purpose flour.  The cake was called Crazy because it was made without any dairy or eggs and still tasted great.  She was so impressed with the cake that she encouraged us to develop a special blend of gluten free flours for the Crazy Cake.  Eight months later, we finally hit the right combination. People are so surprised that it's taste in nothing like other gluten free cakes they have tried.   In early 2016, we finally got the Spice Cake Mix recipe right and it has become a better seller than the Chocolate.  It has the same great moist taste with a hint of spices and molasses. 

            We continue to research more interests in variations of our products and working with customers on their interest.




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